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There have been some excellent presentations on the issue of Project Management and Private Public Partnership.

Microsoft has presented on Private Public Partnerships and the various scenarios.

Excellent presentations have been made by Deloitte on the need to adopt formal project management practice in government and indeed private sector.

Cisco has presented on the upcoming ICT based connectivity and the opportunities presented by the connected world.  A strategy for a digital nation.

Issue of culture as a driver of effective or ineffective project delivery have been highlighted. The national attitude towards time. The quality of ‘yes’, as demonstrated via high level of national optimism that manifests itself in many people saying yes when they mean no. I suggested that culture change was perhaps beyond the scope of the workshop.

The permanent secretaries present have spoken to the need for an enhanced engagement with private sector on better project delivery, capacity transfer in government.

The Deloitte Team  at the Connected Government Workshop

The Deloitte Team at the Connected Government Workshop

Telkom Kenya Orange have also made an interesting presentation on their strategy globally and locally for green IT. The idea that IT can be deployed in a manner that is environmentally sustainable.

More tomorrow.