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I enjoyed watching Obama’s speech on the economy. I got home  and it was showing on all the major international news networks, CNN, BBC and Sky. I did what I normally do when Obama’s live on TV, which is calla good friend of mine who works in advertising (media) and talk about how many GRPs Obama gets. GRPs (meaning Gross Rating Points) is (or was..I am not sure anymore) a measure of how much airtime your message got on the national airwaves. It was used in advertising to measure advertising impact. full text here

My take outs from his speech. It was about the fundamentals that America must get back to. To be a fundamentally competitive economy on the back of good management, solid education, and innovation and science. He blasted the mantra that exists in America today that suggests that those that can fudge the numbers will be on top. 

My interpretation Silicon Valley and Not Wall Street should call the shots. I could not agree more..