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I have received many direct emails and I thought I might want to respond to one publicly and BCC the gentleman who raised the issues. Thank you for your email. I welcome further questions and suggestions.

My answers are in below the questions

1. Scope of the project-Is it meant to cover software alone or how does it integrate other pertinent aspects of ITES & BPO
A. yes. for now certification covers software development both for individuals and for organizations developing software. without pre-empting the procurement process, this standards may take the form of certification for process methodology. This basically means that once you have certified the method by which the firm or individual writes his code, you can vouch for the standards of the underlying code. One of the challenges many projects have locally (an indeed internationally), is that the software designers dont document what they are doing and you are left at their mercy once they have finished, another challenge is most projects dont allow for testing the code or the software that is written. Others because the same person who wrote the code has the responsibility to provide final test results for it. Indeed software development, document and testing is often outsourced and provides an interesting outsourcing opportunity. There is another project on the establishment of a BPO center of excellence center which is under way. Continue Reading…