The BPO sector

April 8, 2009

Today I was the last speaker at the Kenya Business Process Outsourcing and Offshoring  Society of Kenya (The BPO Society).

I used the opportunity to provide a very brief peak on the soon to be launched Kenya BPO Value proposition.

The questions from the participants were very engaging. here’s a sample question from a lady  “D’you need graduates as agents in call centres?’. I did not offer an answer. I asked the participants to respond being operators themselves.

I framed my ‘off-slide’ comments in the following context. The Kenyan BPO market is a fairly young. It is growing quickly even in the global economic downturn.  The country has the twin challenges of ‘incubating’ and capacity building our local BPO entrepreuners (who often have as few as 10 seats), while attracting the major international established BPO players  (who often operate in the 25o plus seat range).  The strategies employed to meet these objectives can sometimes be quite different. The strategic conclusion is that growth in jobs will largely come from the larger international BPO players and this certainly aligns with the Kenya Government VISION 2030 strategy.

I will tackle this issue in more detail here in due course, especially once the Kenya ICT Board has formally launched the enhanced BPO value proposition and go to market strategy. This launch will be announced soon.

All in all, I enjoyed the interaction with the sector.