blogging just before I zip off to the Mobile Boot Camp at Strathmore University

November 29, 2008

Having lunch at home then making my way to mobile boot camp at Strathmore School. These events are important for the country because they excite the developer community about the whole idea of software and solutions in Kenya. They interact among one another, share ideas and develop thought leadership. My blog has not been updated for weeks because I have been very busy. I have been challenged by many to update it and I will. I am exploring a way to send articles to my blog directly from my blackberry so that I can blog as I wait for meetings to start, or perhaps ‘during boring meetings” or as I glance at the TV late at night, very beat after a long day….. BTW last Sunday in church, I started to download the bible onto my blackberry. I did not complete this process, coz it required me to fidget to much with my BB and I am sure it was not the appropriate thing to me doing. In any event, the sermon about “patience” and waiting was very interesting. Kshs 1000 to the first person to respond with what church and who was the preacher….. hint. it is in Nairobi.

Anyway, I have to get my son Kwanza to his classmate’s b’day party and then get onto Strathmore. More from me later. I will be speaking about the recent activities the board’s involved with here and giving my personal views on technology in action.

Here I am on my PC at home via a very reliable EVDO connection from Telkom Kenya blogging

Here I am on my PC at home via a very reliable EVDO connection from Telkom Kenya blogging

BY the way the files for the King James Bible have downloaded and I will complete the installations on to my BB and my Nokia phone later today.. or at least before church tomorrow morning