Obama and McCain

October 8, 2008

I watched some of the debate on CNN this morning. As I watched it I realized that Betty had set the PVR to record it last night before she went to bed. This means that I can get to watch what I missed later in the week. When I got home last night, the entire household was asleep. Got home at 10.00pm, getting some board papers organised for the full meeting of the board of directors on 14th October. I have followed this campaign more closely than any other US election for obvious reasons. As I write this blog the CNN polls indicate Obama did a better job of it. I have a buddy, Peter, who I was sure was watching as well and i sent him a text message at 6 in the morning. Beyond the historical significance, the next president of the US will take leadership at a time of great global difficulty. The ICT Board is making a visit to the Silicon Valley between 23 and 30th October of this year. And as we present Kenya to the Silicon Valley audiences, we shall seek to understand how all these factors affect our efforts to promote Kenya.

Me in front of the white house (circa 2006).

Me in front of the white house (circa 2006).